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Let me begin my article by quoting the renowned Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy's line, "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself". This statement conveys a bitter reality because of which most of us cannot get what we want.  We, Nepalese are always proud of ourselves for being recognized as brave and courageous in the world. And, we are also proud that birth place of Lord Buddha and Mt. Everest are in Nepal. We are proud that we are living in this naturally beautiful country and etc. Yes, this is true. We are living in naturally well-equipped country and our ancestors had proved their bravery by fighting big wars and doing most adventurous tasks. But, have you ever thought what you have done to make yourself and your country proud, and prove yourself brave and courageous. I think we are living behind the mask of bravery that our ancestors had created. We are still selling the name of our ancestors to introduce ourselves as brave ones.