Sherpa Syabru Dance - Khangti Thembi Yala Se - by Himalayan Sherpa Youth Club "Khiraule"

Himalayan Sherpa Youth Club "Khiraule" took part in the Syabru Dance Competition organised by Himalayan Sherpa Culture Center, which was organized on the auspicious occasion of 2146th Sa Mo Fag Lho Gyalpo Lhosar. It was the first syabru dance performed by the members of Himalayan Sherpa Youth Club "Khiraule" in a public event. The title of the song is "Khangti Thembi Yala Se..."

Name of the artists (respectively from the right)
01) Ngima Yangzom Sherpa
02) Ngimi Sherpa
03) Dolma Sherpa
04) Ngima Jangmu Sherpa
05) Ngima Yangzi Sherpa
06) Pema Sherpa
07) Pema Lhaki Sherpa
08) Dafuti Sherpa
09) Pema Phuti Sherpa
10) Tashi Lhamu Sherpa


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