The Story Hidden in My Name

I am Ngima Sherpa, a permanent resident of Khiraule, Solukhumbu, Nepal. I am an active member of Himalayan Sherpa Youth Club "Khiraule".
Ngima Sherpa from Khiraule, Solukhumbu
I was according to my cultural tradition named after the name of the Day on which I was farewelled by the womb of my mother. The day was Sunday which is called NGIMA in Sherpa language. So, it was how I came to be known as Ngima. I was born in the Female Rabbit year and stepped in this universe having Fire element. When I was a child, my mother told me that the Fairer Sex having elements: such as Water, Wood and Iron and the Fairer Sex born in the Tiger year are dangerous for me to make my "Better-Half". Now I wonder whether there is a... (to be continued...)


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