Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Khiraule Monastery

Ngonpa Thyakchhok Chholing Monastery 
This is Khiraule, a small Sherpa village which lies in the eastern part of Nepal in Solukhumbu district. Situated at the south of Mt. Everest it has a very beautiful monastery called Ngonpa Thyakchhok Chholing Monastery. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Nepal and highly appreciated by the visitors for its mesmerizing and unique external design. The tall pine trees surrounding the monastery which are rarely found in Nepal are believed to be brought from Darjeeling more than hundred and fifty years ago by its patrons. Cultural significance of this monastery is equally valued because it is said that "Silent Meditation" ('ङ्युङ्ने ' in Sherpa and 'मौन ब्रत' in Nepali) actually first started from this monastery in eastern Nepal.

Because of lack of fund and resources no proper renovation has been done for this monastery yet. If it is properly renovated it can certainly attract more tourists because it lies on the major trekking route of Arun Valley Trek. Most of the tourists who wish to climb Mera Peak and do Amphu Labse Pass step this village. Local people, local authority and mainstream media should play vital role for the renovation, development and preservation of this historic, cultural and touristic heritage.

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